Friday, June 27, 2008

Friends of Israel

Dear Friend of Israel,

jewish charities

I was gratified to learn that you have added an image to your site which declares "Israel I Love You" or "I'm a Proud Friend of Israel". Your decision to identify with our country is particularly meaningful at this time while Israel is struggling to earn legitimacy within the family of nations as a peace seeking and progressive, democratic nation, in the face of unrelenting international attempts to deligitimize its right to existence.

I am writing on behalf of Israel La'ad, an organization which offers programs to Israel's less fortunate citizens – particularly economically deprived school-age children and the elderly.

Israel La'ad sponsors three main projects:
1. An after-school remedial educational program to help children excell in school, complete their homework and prepare for tests;
2. "Ride for Pride" a bike riding program which provides children with an extra incentive for working hard in school and instills a sense of pride. Participants come from families who can't afford the luxury of purchasing a bike;
3. "Feed The Hungry"a food delivery program that brings food baskets to the elderly and poor in Israel's poorer neighborhoods.
As the owner of a web site, you can make a "virtual" contribution to our efforts which is no less significant than a monetary donation.

A virtual link on your site, which need not be particularly prominent on your web page, is a statement of identity both with the aims of Israel La'ad and the people of the holy land. By expressing your support in this way, you will help bring the message of our charitable deeds to many people like yourself, who feel a bond and closeness to the people of Israel, especially those who turn to us for financial aid and sustenance.

Any of the following options will be facilitate creating a link (in HTML code):>israel charity

If you would like more information about Israel La'ad's projects in Israel, please view our website,, read our recent newsletter available at: or call our local U.S. number 617-395-7672, and ask to speak to Danny.

Shalom from Israel,
Raanan LevyFounder and Director of Israel La'ad

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